A local truck is providing access to food in Ward 8

A mobile grocery store has made its way to South East DC to help eliminate food disparity.

Curbside Groceries, created by The Capital Area Food Bank created Curbside Groceries to reach families in Ward 8 who only have one grocery store that serves 80,000 residents.

“The Capital Area Food Bank did a survey with over 2,000 residents to ask if there were an alternative grocery store model, would they be willing to patronize it,” said DeJuan Mason, manager of Curbside Groceries.

The mobile grocer began in January 2020 and has serviced over 1300 customers since its existence, but Mason says that the truck has become more essential during the pandemic.

Many of the residents in Ward 8 do not have access to a vehicles and rely on public transportation. As the Metro bus schedules have changed as a result of the pandemic, residents have found it increasingly challenging to do their grocery shopping.

“I have to plan to go grocery shopping because I do not have a car. There are other people who live here who don’t drive either so this truck gives easy access to food,” said Ward 8 resident, Scott Ogden.

Curbside Groceries commutes to seven locations in Ward 8 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and comes fully stocked with fresh produce, meat, baking, and condiment options. The mobile grocer works to provide quality food at an affordable price in convenient locations. Shoppers can pay with cash, debit, credit, and EBT cards.

Not only is the mobile truck easy to walk up to, shoppers can call ahead and do their shopping over the phone.

The truck has made adjustments since the beginning of the pandemic, as shoppers can now stand outside of the truck which Curbside employees retrieve their groceries from inside of the truck in order to follow CDC guidelines.

With the success Curbside Groceries has had in Ward 8, there are plans to expand to other neighborhood experiencing food deserts.

Later in 2021, another truck will reach the Prince George’s County community.







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